About Us

We are a very different kind of accounting firm! Yes, we do provide traditional tax return and accounting services but we do not just look at your business from that historical perspective.  Instead, we actively work with you to develop your business. 

We are an independent Chartered Accountant firm specialising in accountancy, taxation, superannuation, tax & business planning and other services. Our team have built up this successful practice based on the philosophy of always putting the client's needs first.

We take a personal interest in all our client matters to ensure that our service is of the highest standard. By working with our clients and obtaining an independent knowledge of their businesses, we believe that we can build a partnership together which can meet all their needs.

We enjoy strong client loyalty. Our relationship with our clients is a priority and a privilege. Our reputation is built on the excellent service we provide our clients – We are reliable, practical and thorough. This is why our clients always come back to us year after year.

We want to work with you to help you achieve these goals:

  • Increased business profit and cashflow
  • Wealth Creation for education, holidays and ultimate retirement
  • Protect your family and your assets
  • Minimised taxation
  • Less pressure and worry

Our Unique Process to Help You!

We have a unique 5-STEP PROCESS that we use with all of our clients to give them peace of mind that their financial affairs have been cared for in the best manner possible.

Asset Protection and Business Structures

  • Family Trusts used as asset protection vehicles.
  • Secured Loan Agreements to protect the funds you have loaned into your business.
  • Separation of the “risk” and “asset” areas of your business and personal assets.
  • Estate Planning, including establishing your Wills and Powers of Attorney.

Advanced Tax Planning

  • Companies used to “cap” your tax at a maximum 30%.
  • “Double” tax deductions for notebook computers, mobile phones / PDA’s, and briefcases (one of each per year).
  • Tax-effective Home Loans and Debt Recycling Plans (reducing your non tax deductible debt while at the same time maximising the interest you can claim on your tax return).

Accounting & Compliance Services

  • Financial Statements, Tax Returns, Business Activity Statements (BAS’s).
  • We provide you with simple to use Checklists to put together the information we need to prepare your financial reports.
  • We clearly communicate to you regarding your business obligations and taxation responsibilities.

Business Profit Improvement

  • Strategies and tools to increase your business profits and cash flow.
  • Business Valuations for Succession Plans and Insurance purposes.
  • Cash Flow Forecasts and Strategic Plans.
  • Systems and procedures (so that your business can run without you).